Troy Daniels

President and Co-Fouder of Operation Love Thy Neighborhood

   I have worked for the city of Inglewood for over 22 years, I have attended LA Trade Tech and El Camino Colleges. Since I was young I have been in different organizations that gave back to my community, it started off with my father being the founder and president of a local van club, to myself being a founder and president of a motorcycle club. At a young age I was exposed to helping the people in need by my aunt that ran several mentally challenged adult homes where I visited quite often. I saw how it is to be in need of help, and at that point at that young age I knew that we had to do something about it because they could not help themselves.

   Every opportunity that I have, I try to do something that will make my community and the neighboring communities better, if its delivering food to the homeless in different parks, or different areas of the community, to dressing up like Santa Claus and riding around and giving out toys during the holiday season. We have to come together and do something to help our communities. I realize if people see me doing work for our communities that it might light a spark in others to step up and do work in the communities themselves. When my friend and co-founder Franklin Spencer attended my aunts funeral we came up with the idea of starting Operation Love Thy Neighborhood, to keep her legacy going by helping the people in need. I was all in, and from that point on we have been moving forward trying to make our communities better by bringing a little sunshine to individuals one by one.

Awards and Certificates

Licensed minister of Enlightened Ministry, Certificate of Appreciation city of Culver City, Certificate of Appreciation city of Inglewood, Certificate of Appreciation city of Los Angeles, Certificate of Appreciation Los Angeles School Board