Franklin Spencer

OLTN Director

Franklin Spencer served in the United States Army from 1992 until his retirement in 2011. Franklin is a recent graduate of the University of California Los Angeles double majoring in African American Studies and History.

Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels has been a long term employee of the city of Inglewood. He is an avid volunteer, who has dreams and aspirations to help his community flourish.

Ivy Moses

Being a member of Operation Love Thy Neighborhood is a blessing of opportunities to give back to the communities that we serve. It has been a life changing experience for myself and those that we help.

Deondre Broome

Deondre Broome served in the United States Army and Navy. His service was from 1988 until 2005. Mr. Broome is a student at the University of California Los Angeles. Mr. Broome assists veterans with finding housing through HUD/VASH program, applying for medical benefits, and assisting veterans with disability claims. Deondre has a yearly collaboration with doctors and nurses of Kaiser Permanente called "Veteran In Need" where veterans who are homeless or in need receive care packages to provide needed materials during rough times.

Buddy Thomas

One of the reasons that I am passionate about working with Operation Love Thy Neighborhood, and Help For The Homeless, is because as a teen my mom passed away in 1988. My father slipped into a state of depression, and was not able to support his 5 children. I spent one night in a high school dugout, this one night changed my life and the way I look at the homeless. The cold I felt, how hungry I was, and how alone I felt in that dugout. 

Meri's Learning Tree & Be Strong Mentoring Program

Meri's Learning Tree (MLT) is an educational consulting Ltd. that provides profit and non-profit educational services. We proudly educate and encourage our students to reach for the stars!

Be Strong Mentoring Program is focused on training for boys to achieve excellence through perseverance combating the School-to-prison pipeline.