Buddy Thomas

Arizona Director of Operations

One of the reasons that I am passionate about working with Operation Love Thy Neighborhood, and Help For The Homeless, is because as a teen my mom passed away in 1988. My father slipped into a state of depression, and was not able to support his 5 children. I spent one night in a high school dugout, this one night changed my life and the way I look at the homeless. The cold I felt, how hungry I was, and how alone I felt in that dugout. Three years ago I rode past a park filled with homeless people, and remembered that one night I spent in that high school dugout. One month after riding past that park I began reaching out to people to give back to the community. I began Feed the Homeless on my own in 2013, and recently held our 4th annual Feed the Homeless event. I received a call about joining Operation Love Thy Neighborhood, and was given one week to reply, but my answer was YES before ending the call. I am proud to join the team.